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All kinds of storage devices

Ummi Tech Pte Ltd (201924445)  is one of the top Singapore based companies focusing on volume supply of re-certified and refurbished hard drives to all parts of the world.

Being an established company with active partners in USA, the United Kingdom, Europe, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Indonesia. We are also able to supply new and refurbished computer items such as CPUs, RAMs, Main Boards, Notebook Computers, Phones and many other computer peripherals in bulk quantities at very competitive prices by consolidating orders to OEMs, CEMs, ODMs, worldwide independent distributors, resellers, brokers, and asset recovery companies.

We are also keeping a broad level of Hard Disk inventories.


We provide all kinds of Storage Devices

From SSDs to HDDs to RAMs to everything you name it.


Our Services

We’re committed to customer satisfaction and know the importance of providing exceptional products. Our services have provided customers with their computer storage needs. Learn more about what we have to offer below.

Harddisk Drives

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Computer Peripherals


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Would you like additional information about our products and other related services? Reach out, we’d be happy to hear from you.

1 North Bridge Road, High Street Centre, #03-19. Singapore 179094

Ms Nurul Ain +6597523339

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Ms Nurul Ain +6597523339

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